Maggie – Sink or Swim

I know I’ve been away for way too long.  The only time of night I feel like writing at the moment is right before I go to bed, but I know what I’m like when I get on here, it takes me hours to say what I want to say, then I end up going to bed late which makes me a wee bit psychotic and I don’t know what I’m talking about any way.  Last night I was thinking about little grey kittens with top hats and pink noses.  I have no idea why, it’s just where my brain went.  Then, this morning because I was still tired from thinking about kittens too much I had flash backs of past relationships.  I decided to stalk my ex-boyfriend (he has a WordPress! Who knew WP was useful for stalking ex’s! In only found him by Googling his name.  Stupidly his WP is named after him) and was pleasantly surprised he now looks like a tramp, so that makes me feel lucky I’m not still with him.  I guess tramps are nice people, but I wouldn’t want a boyfriend who looks like he has been dragged through a hedge backwards after rolling about in hippo dung and washing his pants in the Ganges.

Anywhoo.  Apart from not writing and not blogging, I’ve been painting (and studying, but that is just boring so we won’t talk about that).  There are a million ideas in my head at the moment and I can only just about get them down on paper.  Then I find a doodle I fall in love with and a painting is born.

This is Maggie aka. “Sink or Swim”.


Sailor Mummy was freaked out by it as she has her bottom on show, but mermaids must have bottoms, right?

I’ve been working on this one for about three weeks. Here is how it went…..

First I let my imagination have a little play and made a sketch of the lady.  I took inspiration from old sailor tattoos, because they are the best kind.  There are quite a few out there that use the mermaid and her tail as a kind of frame to a middle picture, so this idea isn’t my own, but the execution is.


Then I made two copies.  One on watercolour paper, which would be the original and one photocopy so I could test the colours and see if what I saw in my head looked OK on paper.

This bit it kind of fun because I can just slap the colours on.

Then I could start the proper painting.

I took this photo after around five layers of green paint on the tail.  I guess I found out it’s easier to layer on the paint gradually than slap it on thick and regret it later!

And then she was completed.

I name her Maggie (follow the link, you’ll see who I mean) pretty much after I’d drawn her and added “Sink or Swim”, because it seemed to fit.

You see, the ship in the middle is my ship.  You know, the one I hop on to escape a psychosis or a panic attack.  Mermaids in folk law are malevolent creatures associated with ship wrecks and such things, but I consider myself a lady of the sea, maybe a mermaid without a tail (or I’m just having another psychosis) and I’d like to think they would look out for my ship, just like Bourbon and PAZ do. Maggie is the main protector, the mother figure.  Sink or swim is because I can hear Maggie saying it, as she is full of wise words and good advice.  We all have a chance to fail or succeed, and we all must remember that if life gets you down, you know what you’ve got to do? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming……..

Love Sailor xox

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Writer, painter, nurse. Borderline, Bipolar, awesome.
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30 Responses to Maggie – Sink or Swim

  1. Maggie O'C says:

    Awwww, I’m all teary! Thank you sailor! May I repost? You are so talented. I have missed you. I wish I had a bum like that!!
    By the by….dragged through a hedge backward! hahaha

    There are worse things to think about than kittens. I dreamt that I had spent the weekend with Prince William and Kate, and found them quite enjoyable. And there was a mystery, too but I can’t remember that very well.

    Thank you doll! xoxo maggie

    • Hellosailor says:

      Of course you can! I hope you don’t mind that I put a butt on show, she just didn’t look right without the cheeks 🙂 I have missed everyone here, but studying is so hardcore at the moment. I’ll be finished soon and hopefully I’ll be able to get my social-blog-life thing back in balance with painting.

      That must’ve been a nice, frightfully British weekend! I had a mystery one the other day with a David Bowie Labyrinth type dream. Now that was awesome. There just wasn’t any singing.


  2. Pen says:

    Beautiful! I love the imagery!

    It’s probably awful, but I also like that feeling of seeing exes look worse off than when I was with them. It’s like the universe is reminding me that particular person is toxic and unappealing and I should continue to steer clear.

    Warm thoughts!

    • Hellosailor says:

      I haven’t had a chance to look up the real douche baggy ex yet, but I might save that for next year! Seriously though, he looks like a caveman, but not the attractive type (I don’t even know if attractive cave men exist). I feel really bad because he was a nice enough guy, but he is just sooo hairy and dirty looking! xox

      • Pen says:

        One of mine looks like a grungy weasel and the other has gained a lot of weight. I try not to be petty, but I find comfort in those facts.

      • Hellosailor says:

        Least I’m not the only one 🙂 I’m betting evil ex has gained a lot of weight now, he had a bit of an increasingly obvious beer belly when I knew him and that was four years ago!

      • Pen says:

        Haha. Yes. It’s rare that those types ever manage to decrease in poundage.

        I also revel in seeing their current partners being more unattractive or crazier than me. It’s terrible, but I am a terrible person. My dumbass ex-boyfriend from high school is dating like, the ugliest girl on the planet.
        I’m not sure who my other ex is dating, but she used to text me about how she was having “great one-night stands with a bunch of military guys”. She stopped after awhile thankfully.

  3. Bourbon says:

    Beautiful! The green is gorgeous! I ❤ your art so much xx

  4. Maggie O'C says:

    Reblogged this on Someone Fat Happened and commented:
    Hello Sailor made me a mermaid! She is a dear and look how hot I am!

  5. Love it. Sink or swim…choice we make every damn day…just keep swimming!!!

  6. Le Clown says:

    Le Sailor,
    Maggie by you. It couldn’t get better.
    Le Clown

  7. Everything about this is great. I love Maggie, I love mermaids, and I love this Maggie mermaid with the ample bum. Perfect. Maybe, though, what I love most about this post is your description of your ex-boyfriend! LOL!!!

    • Hellosailor says:

      I wish I could post the link, I’m just astounded by his hairy-dirtyness/ dirty-hairyness. Obviously my complex hand washing rituals didn’t rub off on him.
      I think Maggie would like that people are talking about her bum.

  8. Lunch Sketch says:

    Beautifully composed in art and word.
    I enjoyed that … appreciated it … thank you.

  9. Margarita says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your process…that, too, is beautiful and helpful! xoxoM

  10. sealemahlo says:

    tHE MER has a pretty tail. I really like your use of colour. It’s rather different. And I think mers should have rears, though not bum cheeks. And I do wonder, do merpeople poop?

  11. reocochran says:

    I like that you catch a ship to escape on! I also think your artwork is beautiful!

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