I Hope (To Make Them Walk The Plank)


I made this nice ship yesterday when I wasn’t feeling so violent and anxious and just mega borderline awesome mental.

Oh well.

I’m off to swim in the ocean, maybe I’ll dive to the bottom and not come back.  Or I’ll take the people with me who’ve pissed me off and make them walk the plank. Yes my ship has a plank.

At some point, when I stop being violent and anxious and mega awesome borderline mental I’ll add some more paintings to my shop.

Love Sailor xox

About Hellosailor

Writer, painter, nurse. Borderline, Bipolar, awesome.
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6 Responses to I Hope (To Make Them Walk The Plank)

  1. unfetteredbs says:

    Walk the plank! Swim and refresh yourself but come back!! Love the art! I love exclamation points today.

  2. Beautiful painting Sailor! Hope you feel calmer soon, hugs xxx

  3. scienerf says:

    Ooh I love the ship, you are really talented! I hope the swim in the ocean calms you, nothing like splashing around in water to refresh the mind 🙂 If you meet any mermaids out there don’t go swimming off with them we want to see more of your work and words!!

  4. Aye aye Captain. Let’em walk them plank!

  5. Ruby Tuesday says:

    Pretty painting. . . I still say we’re connected, because I’ve been raging lately, too. . .

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