I re-painted Paula because my style and use of colour has changed and I wanted her to match MaggieWhat Brings Us Together , the new one I have on the way and Bourbon (who eventually will be re-coloured).  She is also a lot bigger than the original, painted on A4 instead of A5.

Soon Paula, and others, will be available on my Folksy store.

While I’m here –

Paula was one of my first proper blog friends. Another lady who I planned to run away with from our mental health problems and mental lives sailing on my imaginary boat to a place where all of that crap didn’t exist. We would be in the middle of the ocean and Paula the pirate mermaid would keep the other pirates (the bad ones and not to mention zombies) at bay.  Paula feels better in the water, more powerful and free, which is why she grew a fin, so she could stay in the water permanently.  She would also be better at protecting the crew that way and she would get to embrace the power, serenity and freedom of the ocean that you can’t get on land.

The swallows, as ever, carry the message of friendship, watching over us, making sure our souls are protected and we will always return to the place where we are most loved.

The sharks, to me, do not symbolise depression or fear. Sharks symbolise strength, power and survival.  Something which you need an abundance of to live with BPD and these are traits which remind me of Paula because she is just AMAZEBALLS.

I hope to come see you soon pretty lady.

Love Sailor xox

About Hellosailor

Writer, painter, nurse. Borderline, Bipolar, awesome.
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