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Hello Sailor Plays with Fire

I find it difficult to find the time to write.  That doesn’t mean I don’t want to, it’s just that there is always something else in the way. Then magically, once a year or something, there is a moment where … Continue reading

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Doll and the Not-Kiss

Trying to figure another thing out. Last weekend one of my very close work-friends/subordinates text me ” Can I call you? I need to talk”. That crapped me up straight away.  1. I hate talking to anyone on the phone, … Continue reading

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Tea, Anyone?

***Trigger Warning*** I had a psychotherapy session yesterday.  I didn’t start off in the best of moods. The day before (Monday), I had an increasingly rare panic attack at work.  I say increasingly rare, because although I’m an anxious person, … Continue reading

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I re-painted Paula because my style and use of colour has changed and I wanted her to match Maggie, What Brings Us Together , the new one I have on the way and Bourbon (who eventually will be re-coloured).  She is also a … Continue reading

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Lines and Colours

A new Canvas post. Not because I’m awesome, but because Canvas is.

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New Canvas post……

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Feeling Odd

I feel a bit mental. I think it was the six hours of forced social interaction. I feel out of body. I feel like if I chopped my arms off, at the shoulders, I’d feel better, but it’s just a … Continue reading

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